Sharing an appreciation of nature through art

Original painting of North Fork Mountain with spruce cone in foreground


Watercolors and oils are painted using professional-grade pigments on 100% cotton paper or stretched cotton canvas.

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Prints of Seneca Rocks on a desk flatlay


Prints are available of almost all works. Each print receives individual care and is hand-torn, creating a deckled edge that allows for versatile display options.

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Flatlay of a daylily notecard on a desk


Notecards and stickers feature small prints of original paintings. Cards can be purchased individually or in sets.

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Photo of Octavia in Utah


I'm Octavia Spriggs, a watercolor artist and oil painter based in Morgantown, West Virginia.

My love for the outdoors provides inspiration and lends itself to the subjects of my paintings. I often base paintings off of photos I've taken myself while hiking or traveling, which causes my paintings of West Virginia locations (and beyond) to strike a feeling of nostalgia. I am drawn to scenes with interesting light conditions that make a familiar place feel otherworldly.