Octavia Spriggs is an artist and designer living in Morgantown, WV. By day, she works as Director of Communications for the WVU College of Creative Arts, where she oversees marketing efforts and designs for various mediums. Octavia studied oil painting at the WVU School of Art & Design while working on her Graphic Design degree and has enjoyed the medium ever since. In 2017, she began exploring watercolor, which led to her selling her original paintings and prints. In her free time, she enjoys being active outdoors, traveling, and experimental cooking with her husband, Steve.

Artist's Statement

Design & Commissions

When consulted for a design, my goal is to exhibit the client’s identity and voice clearly. I strive to listen to the needs of the client while keeping the audience and user in mind. Sometimes the goal is to create materials that can be used successfully and easily for marketing. Other times, the goal is to create a piece that holds a special meaning to the client. When working on a commissioned painting, I lend my personal painting style to the collaboration of ideas with the client.

Fine Art

Painting and illustration are passions that I explore with full creative freedom. My love for the outdoors provides inspiration and lends itself to the subjects of my paintings. A location’s appearance can differ in moments in time. I’m drawn to changes in light and weather that evoke feelings of awe or nostalgia. My paintings and illustrations are visual time capsules of a specific place or object.


I am available for commissioned paintings or collaborations as I have time. Interested in working on a project together?
Email me for more information.


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